Joey Miller


Technical Artist/Character TD


Employment as a Technical Artist/Character TD at a studio that believes in the highest quality of work and that challenges my technical and artistic skills.

Technical Qualifications                                                                

Software: Maya, Blender, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Body Paint, Vicon IQ, Motion Builder, After FX, Speed Tree, ZBrush, Torque Constructor, Flash, Perforce, GitHub, Linux, TINA.

Game Engines: Unreal Engine, Torque Engine, Hero Engine, Worlds Engine, Unity Engine

Skills: Tools Creation, Rigging, Animation, Mel, XML, Python, C#, Json, HLSL Shader Authoring, Rendering.


  • Jam City, San Francisco, CA                                               September 2017 - Present

             Lead Technical Artist (Maya, Photoshop, Unity Engine)     


  • Zynga, San Francisco, CA                                               October 2014 - September 2017

             Lead Technical Artist (Maya, Photoshop, Unity Engine)

  • Quark Games, Cupertino, CA                                      September 2012- October 2014

             Lead Technical Artist (Maya, Photoshop, Unity Engine) 
             Scripting: Mel, Python, C#.
             Character Rigging.
             Modeling, Animation, Rigging and Unity Tools.
             Character/3D Art Pipeline.
             Writing/Optimizing Shaders.
             Particle FX creation.
             3D Art team manager.

  • Bigpoint Inc, San Francisco, CA                                   March 2011-September 2012

             Senior Technical Artist (Maya, Photoshop, Unity Engine)
             Scripting: Mel, Python, C#.
             Character Rigging.
             Animation, Rigging and Unity Tools.
             Character Pipeline.
             Writing/Optimizing Shaders.

  • Heartwood Studios, San Mateo, CA                         November 2010-March 2011

             Senior 3DArtist/Animator (Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Unity Engine)
             Modeling, Texturing, Rigging, Animation, Custom Tools Creation.

  • ImageMovers Digital, Novato, CA                               June 2010-December 2010

             Resource TA (Maya, Photoshop, TINA, Linux)
             Actively monitor and manage the render farm, balancing production priorities to keep it running at                maximum capacity.
             Assist artists with render job submissions and problems; being proactive and ready to suggest                          effective solutions.
             Maintain rendering priorities and resource allocation.
             Writing tools and utilities to assist with Production Engineering development projects.
             Working hand-in-hand with Production Engineering and R&D to maintain and improve the render                  farm pipeline and toolset.

  • Frozen Giant, San Francisco, CA                                            March 2010-May2010

             3DArtist/Animator (Maya, Unity Engine)
             Modeling, Rigging, and Animation for IPhone game “ Rednecks VS Zombies" and “unannounced                      title.”

  • EnVie Interactive, Walnut Creek, CA                                      Aug2009-April2010

             Technical Artist (Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Big Worlds Engine)
             Oversee All Rigging, Character, and Technical Art Implementation, “ VIE -”
             Streamline character creation pipeline.
             Misc. Mel and Max scripting.
             Shader Authoring

  • Mindfuse Games, Berkeley, CA                                                     Oct2007-July2009 

             Technical Artist (Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Facegen, Hero Engine)
             Oversee All Rigging, Animation, Technical Art Implementation, “ Gatheryn MMO".
             Coordinate processes between programming and art.
             Misc. Mel, Max, and Hero scripting.

  • Cinematico, San Francisco, CA                                                     June2008-Oct2008

             Character Setup Artist/CG Artist (3DS Max, Photoshop, Facegen)
             Character Setup/Rigging for Adult Swim CG series “Xavier, Renegade Angel season 2”.
             Misc. Modeling and texturing.

  • Cinematico, San Francisco, CA                                                     Aug2007-Nov2007

             Character Setup Artist/CG Artist (3DS Max, Photoshop, Facegen)
             Character Setup/Rigging for Adult Swim CG series “Xavier, Renegade Angel season 1”.
             Misc. Modeling and texturing.
             Visual FX

  • Xzault Media Group, San Leandro, CA                                      Oct2006-Aug2007

             Character TD/Animator (Maya, Photoshop)
             Rigging of all characters for “The Xplorers” Feature Trailer (Featured in June 07 Animation                              Magazine.)
             Oversee shots being completed, as well as animating shots.
             Lighting and compositing of all scenes.
             Camera Setup, Render layer setup, and rendering of all shots.

  • Guidepost Productions, Emeryville, CA                                                  2005-2006

             3D Artist  (Maya, Photoshop)


Ex’pression College for Digital Arts, Emeryville, CA                          Oct. 2006

    Bachelor of Applied Science, Animation & Visual Effects